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It is extremely difficult to find products that truly work for your skin, as well as address many skin-related concerns, but that’s where DermaSage 360° Skin Renewal Facial comes in. This skincare treatment is carefully curated and combines the latest advancements in Dermal Science and botanical extracts magic. In a nutshell, it’s a facial that addresses a wide range of skin concerns, including aging, dullness, sensitivity, and acne-prone skin. One aspect that sets it apart is the use of ActiBloom Complex, a blend of five floral extracts known for their exceptional skincare benefits.

The ActiBloom Complex: A 5-Floral Complex

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The range is centered around ActiBloom Complex, which is a fusion of five amazing floral extracts – White Peony, White Lily, Frangipani, White Orchid, and Edelweiss. Each of these extracts has its own unique properties and creates a formula that helps renew the skin and protect it from within.

White Peony Extract:

Packed with antioxidants, it combats free radicals and diminishes the signs of aging, adding a youthful glow and radiance to the skin. It promotes overall nourishment for healthy skin.

White Lily Extract:

This extract helps hydrate the skin, making it supple and vibrant. It can also combat skin concerns like dark spots and uneven skin tone, promoting an overall even-toned complexion.

Frangipani Extract:

Known for its soothing fragrance, this extract is an underrated ingredient that helps improve skin texture, soothes the skin, and fade dark spots.

White Orchid Extract:

This has nourishing and moisturizing properties, helps promote cell regeneration, further improving skin elasticity, and hence helps with overall vibrant and glowy skin.

Edelweiss Extract:

If you are somebody who’s fighting with the signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles, this natural extract can be the game changer you need. It also calms sensitive skin and fights against environmental aggressors.

These natural extracts are combined to form ActiBloom Complex, rich in antioxidants and catering to all kinds of skin-related concerns, leaving you with overall healthy-looking skin. Bonus Point: You can’t go wrong with natural extracts; they are the best for your skin.

Lotus Professional Dermasage Gel Application

The Innovative Approach

The personalized approach includes custom ampoules, each with a potent blend of ingredients crafted for different skin types and individuals with various issues. Whether it’s Hyaluronic acid for dehydrated dull skin or Niacinamide to fight dark spots and maintain skin sebum production, the experts analyze your skin concerns and provide a formula for each skin type.

The Homecare Range

Lotus Professional Dermasage Range

It is important to take care of your skin and follow a skincare routine post-facial to enhance its effects; this is where the homecare range comes into the spotlight. Let’s discuss each step.

Phyto Ceramide Detox Cleanser:

It helps deep cleanse the skin, moisturizing it while protecting its barrier. It doesn’t strip off the natural oils of the skin.

Copper Peptide Barrier Repair Serum:

This serum helps restore the skin’s youthful glow and fights the signs of aging, making the skin supple and soft.

Phyto Ceramide Barrier Protect Gel Crème:

It’s important to take care of the skin barrier, as some products can be harsh on the skin. This gel crème helps firm and repair the skin, taking care of the skin barrier and hydrating the skin.

Phyto Ceramide Barrier Protect Night Crème:

Night is the time when the skin goes into healing mode. This night crème deeply hydrates the skin, tightens it, and gives a firmer and glowy appearance the next day.

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In conclusion, if you are somebody who believes in dermal science and botanical ingredients for skincare, or someone who’s facing a lot of skin-related problems, this is your sign to experience the DermaSage 360° Skin Renewal Facial to address your skincare issues. The homecare range is ideal for follow-up after the facials to add more benefits to the skin. Glowing and radiant skin that is healthy from within is always going to be in trend, so go ahead and try DermaSage 360° Skin Renewal Facial today.

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