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Green Tea has a lot of health benefits as It’s full of antioxidants. The most common reason to have green tea these days is that it helps in weight loss. Green tea may boost metabolic rate which helps in weight loss.??

While searching I found this Blue Nectar Amritanadi Assam Slimming Green Tea. It looks really impressive. I always prefer to purchase tea bags instead of leaves as it’s tricky to make a perfect cup of green tea with leaves. That’s why I became a little dicey before purchasing it. But I finally purchased it to give it a try. It’s been a month I’m using this tea. Here is my detailed review of my experience with Blue Nectar Amritanadi Assam Slimming Green Tea for Weight Loss with Idukki Cardamom…?

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Blue Nectar Amritanadi Assam Slimming Green Tea


This tea comes in a small hygienic nice-looking Airtight Glass Jar with a golden lid. Glass bottle is secure in a blue outer cardboard box with company branding and details about tea. I must say the packaging is quite impressive.

Glass Jar of Blue Nectar Amritanadi Assam Slimming Green Tea


There are many different varieties and flavors of green tea available by Blue Nectar:

I choose Slimming Green Tea for Weight Loss with Idukki Cardamom.

The time I opened the jar the sweet and fresh Cardamom aroma makes me feel happy. I loved the aroma and flavor of Cardamom.


The taste of this green tea is nice. I loved it. Usually, the green tea gives a bitter taste but this Blue Nectar Amritanadi Assam Slimming Green Tea is different. Every sip of Cardamom flavored green tea refreshes the body. I’m loving every sip of it.

Blue Nectar Green Tea leaves

How to Prepare:

To prepare a perfect cup of this tea is simple. Just take a pinch of tea leaves from the bottle. Put it in a cup and pour some hot water and cover it with a lid. Let it brew for 1 to 2 minutes and your perfect cup is ready to drink. I liked when after brewing the rolled leaves open up and settle down at the bottom. Some leaves come up in my cup so I always prefer to strain it.

Prepared Blue Nectar Slimming Green Tea

Product description by Blue Nectar:

AMRITANADI Mogra Slimming Green Tea for Weight Loss is picked from the finest Tea Gardens of Assam. Unlike most other Slimming products, this is a pleasant-tasting Green tea without any side effects. It is a mild tea that is extremely helpful for Weight loss & Slimming. With subtle cardamom flavor, Every sip of Cardamom flavored green tea refreshes the body & awaken senses. If you are not a green tea drinker, this tea will change your perception. If you are green tea habitual, you will simply love it.

AMRITANADI green tea contains Loose tea leaves which is the most natural way of tea consumption. Devoid of tea processing or tea dust, loose green tea leaves help you see the quality and purity of tea from your naked eye, unlike tea bags where at times tea dust is hidden inside teabags. Consumption of hot water is known to aid in digestion, burn fat and aid weight loss. Consuming tasteless hot water is not everyone’s cup of tea. Hence, comes flavored green tea with Cardamom. Cardamom makes hot water palatable while adding its slimming properties. So if you are looking for Slimmer you or toned body or a tasty green tea, try Amritanadi Green Tea and you will be an addict.

SYH Recommendation:

I’m happy that I gave this tea a try because now it has become one of my favorite brands for green tea. I liked the taste of this tea. Every person’s taste likings are different so try it once, maybe you like it too.

SYH Rating: 4.8 out of 5

4.8 out of 5 stars

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  1. Shayosree Saha

    I have heard a lot from this brand but have never got chance to check the mouth so after reading your blog I will definitely do

  2. Yogita Joshi

    This is completely new product for me. As i am looking forward to loose a few kilos, i m surely gonna give it a try. It’s a good brand and seems effective too.

  3. Snigdha

    I am not a green tea fan may be because these have no taste at all. This one from blue nectar seems good to try out. I will check.

  4. Jeannine

    I’m not into slimming as I believe that one should focus more on getting a fit and able body instead. Nonetheless, after discovering that coffee (which was my first love) is high in histamine which triggers my hives (urticaria), I’m more into tea nowadays. Thank you for your suggestion and will be trying this one soon.

  5. Jhilmil D Saha

    I used to have green tea before but had to stop in between. This tea seems to be very tasty apart from having health benefits.

  6. Kriti

    I love trying new teas I have never heard of this brand but this looks promising
    Will definitely check it out

  7. Sarita panda

    Even I have tried this tea long back and glad that you find it’s effective. Yes I loved the taste too 😍😍

  8. Samata

    I am the one who completely switched to green tea. Doctor once told that I am lacking enough antioxident in the body and I should take at least a cup of green tea daily. That’s the day I started and now am a fan of it. But I will try this one too to see if I actually slim down or not. Thanks for the recommendation.

  9. Khushboo

    I love trying new teas. I am a tea lover this one looks good to try. I like the packaging I might try this sometime.

  10. Sandy N Vyjay

    Drinking Green Tea is definitely a healthy practice. It is not only good for slimming but also gets rid of body toxins effectively. Blue Nectar seems to offer a good brand of Green Tea.

  11. Amy

    Wow this is something new to mw. I have used blue nectars skincare and loved it as a brand. Even I prefer tea bags but this looks promising so will try to get this next time as it is available in many flavours ❤️

  12. Megha Bajpai

    This is completely new thing for me blue nectar . It’s a good brand and very effective too. Green tea is very beneficial in weight loss .

  13. Sweety Joshi

    I have never get my hands on blue nectar. Green tea is beneficial for weight loss. I love the way you presented all the things. Thank you for the complete tutorial.


    This is the first time I have heard of Blue Nectar brand and I am amazed at its properties. It seems to be a very effective product for many different ailments. I will definitely be looking into this product more in the future. Thanks for writing about it!

    1. Saania

      I love green tea I have a cup every morning. Great for weight loss too. Thanks for sharing

  15. Rashmi Rama

    Blue nectar is a good brand .their products are also very effective.I am using some of the cosmetic products.Will try this also soon

  16. Sonal

    Great 😍😍

  17. Harpreet kaur

    Will try this once thnku

    1. Saania

      I love trying new teas. Thank you for the post, sounds like a good one that tasted nice too.

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