Beating My Hair Loss – An Honest Traya Review

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One of the main things people fail to understand is that some hair fall is absolutely normal. Brands have fueled us with so many marketing gimmicks that it has led people to fix something that was never broken. Hair has a natural growth cycle, so it’s perfectly alright to lose around 50-100 strands a day. However, if the number exceeds repeatedly, you might be struggling with something called hair loss. And truth be told, something external like a shampoo will not solve it. Hair fall is internal, due to poor lifestyle, not sleeping on time, an unhealthy diet, indigestion, a weak metabolism and more. Consequently, when I saw my hair thinning, I knew I had to act immediately.

Discovering Traya:

The sudden hit of realization was real. So I began my hunt to find a proper treatment. It was then when I bumped into Traya reviews. The outstanding collection of their customer testimonials totally caught my attention. Since hair loss runs deep and needs a proper diagnosis, Traya’s approach of taking a hair test before prescribing the treatment was promising. In a world where brands are focused on aggressively selling products, it was refreshing to see someone understand the cause first. Moreover, their 3-science formula of combining Dermatology, Ayurveda and Nutrition meant that the whole thing was holistic and non-invasive. That is something I truly appreciate. Naturally, I went ahead with it.

My Journey with Traya:

After researching the brand and reading a bunch of Traya reviews, I finally visited their website and took the free hair test. It made me find out the root cause of my hair loss issues. To be honest, I didn’t expect what I saw. Who knew gut issues could be linked to hair loss?

Going ahead, I was given a doctor-prescribed treatment kit. Depending on my cause, hair loss stage, the kit was customized. Once my kit was delivered, my assigned hair coach called me and explained the usage and directions for each product. A healing diet plan was given along with it to make the whole thing holistic. My hair coach Ishani guided me throughout. This part was specifically exciting because most other brands throw in a random product and abandon their customers once the sale is made.

Because of my hectic lifestyle, it was a little challenging to adjust to a completely new routine at first. However, the hair coach encouraged me to stay consistent and also assured me of results. With a little inspiration from Traya’s coaches, I felt driven.

The entire acclimation process requires time and patience, so the first month was intricate. I figured things out by the second month, and everything went smoothly. At the end of the second month, I noticed my digestion and metabolism getting better because of Traya’s Gutt Shuddhi and Health Tatva Ayurvedic medication. It made me feel much more energized than before. A few weeks after that, there were noticeably fewer hair strands on my comb. The results were thrilling. Hence, I carried on and eagerly anticipated more.

Now that I’ve been on the regime for over 3 months, it is safe to say that the results are undoubtedly awesome. My internal health condition has definitely improved, and hair fall completely stopped, just waiting for a few more months for hair regrowth. Traya’s reviews are another example of such cases of customer satisfaction.

What’s the takeaway?

Traya just happens to have that compelling way of managing hair loss while offering transparency at every stage. In fact, their 5 month money-back guarantee is a striking example of it. Traya claims to refund the entire amount if one doesn’t start noticing results in 5 months, provided they stay consistent with the prescribed regimen. It’s not surprising that the brand has treated over 1,50,000 customers with a 93% success rate. If this doesn’t say enough, I don’t know what will.

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  1. Tina Basu

    These look like promising products for hairloss. We are all dealing with hair loss specially with increasing pollution. I faced a bad hairloss phase after covid.

  2. Rakhi Jayashankar

    I need to get my hands on Traya. seriously my hairloss is too much. unbelievably high. My hair has become totally thin

  3. Snigdha

    I am always worry about my hair. They are falling like anything. thanks dear for sharing these reviews. will check out.

  4. Amy

    I have heard lot good reviews about this brand but was not sure which products can be used if I have oily scalp. Can you please help me with this?

  5. kanchan bisht

    Hair loss!!!!!!! OMG! I am losing my hairs like hell. Thanks for sharing these products, I would love to buy these ones. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Humaira

    The products of Traya are great. Overall I liked how they have combined the power of Ayurveda, Dermatology, and nutrition in one to target hair loss problems. What a unique concept?

  7. kriti

    These sound like promising products
    Will definitely try them
    Thank you for sharing this

  8. Energetic reads

    Hair loss is one of the major hair problems we face nowadays. Thanks for talking about Traya. I haven’t tried their hair products. I would like to try their products.

  9. Jeannine

    I’ve been blessed to have thick hair and still do have despite having passed through some hair loss period when I gave birth. I do have some friends though who really had problem with hair loss with/without giving birth and would recommend this to them.

  10. Surbhi Prapanna

    I had already heard a lot about Traya hair products and hair loss services. it seems they are doing great job and helping people in dealing with hair loss problems. thanks for sharing honest experience with us.

  11. ranjeeta nath ghai

    Of late I tried, many hair serums but all failed. To be honest only 2 stood the test of time and that was our desi coconut oil and Tru hair oil. This will be good no doubt but I’ll keep it in reserve. Saving this post for future reference.

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