How to Make Dalgona Coffee at Home

Dalgona Coffee is the beverage made of milk, topped with creamy foam made with coffee and sugar. It's something like reverse cappuccino. This Dalgona Coffee is whipped coffee and it's super easy and quick to make...

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Immunity Booster Drink (Kadha)

In current situation of COVID-19 or coronavirus everyone is struggling to protect themselves and their families. In this pandemic It's important to take good care of your immunity. As there is no vaccine available to cure coronavirus yet it's good to use immunity booster drink and try other ways to improve your immune system...

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Mango Ice Cream Recipe

This Mango Ice Cream Recipe is prepared with only three ingredients - Mangoes, Cream and Condensed Milk. To make this recipe you don't need an ice cream maker...

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Veg / Cabbage Manchurian Recipe

Veg Cabbage Manchurian is one of the popular dishes from Indo Chinese Cuisine. Everybody loves eating Manchurian especially Kids. This is a dish with gravy so you can serve it with fried rice, noodles, or as a starter.

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