My Experience with 82°E Turmeric Shield and Lotus Splash: A Journey to Radiant Skin

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Taking care of my skin against harsh sun, everyday pollution and even occasional breakouts has always felt like an endless battle. It’s really hard for me to find the products that do both the jobs – protection and pamper of my skin. In this 82°E Skincare Review, I’m excited to share my personal experience with the Turmeric Shield Sunscreen Serum and Lotus Splash Face Cleanser products, and how they’ve transformed my skincare routine.

The time I heard about 82°E’s Turmeric Shield serum and Lotus Splash cleanser, I knew I had to try them and check if these products could be the heroes my skincare routine needed. My hopes were really high, couldn’t wait to put them to the test! After trying it for two weeks here is my detailed review about 82°E’s Turmeric Shield serum and Lotus Splash cleanser. So let’s just dive into the review:

About the brand 82°E

82°E is an Indian skincare brand and there mission is to make self-care a simple and uplifting part of everyday life. This brand is Co-founded by actress Deepika Padukone along with entrepreneur Jigar Shah. 82°E draws inspiration from India’s healing traditions while taking a modern, globally-minded approach. Their products feature ethically-sourced Ayurvedic botanicals which are meant to nourish skin. As a brand centered around wellbeing, 82°E aims to build a trusted platform that motivates people in their journeys of physical and emotional self-care. With their gentle, high-performing formulas, sustainable business practices, and message of self-acceptance, 82°E represents the best of Indian innovation shared with the world.

Turmeric Shield: The Soothing Sunscreen Serum

82e Turmeric Shield Sunscreen

After years of struggling with sun damage, I’ve finally found my skin’s guardian angel in 82°E’s Turmeric Shield sunscreen serum. This is not an ordinary sunscreen – it’s a nourishing botanical embrace in a bottle. It became a non-negotiable step in my skincare routine. One pump of Turmeric Shield helps to get protected and nurtured skin that feels as good as it looks. What more could I ask for in a serum?

Why I Tried It?

Like so many of us, I live in a sunny climate where UV rays abound. My skin is really sensitive and flares up easily. To find a gentle sunscreen that actually works has always been a battle for me. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve come home with irritated, red skin after a day outdoors. It’s frustrating!

So when I came to know about Turmeric Shield SPF 40 PA+++, I was instantly intrigued and after checking all the details on their website I felt that it can be a “game-changer for my sensitive skin”. A sunscreen specially formulated with antioxidant-rich turmeric and skin-strengthening ceramides? Sign me up! I had to give it a shot.

Key Ingredients

The star of Turmeric Shield sunscreen serum is turmeric – a humble root that adds vibrancy not just to curries but also skincare. Its active curcumin is a powerhouse for fading spots and dialing down redness. More than surface glow, it works to even out tone and lend radiance from within. Paired with skin-plumping ceramides that reinforce the moisture barrier against environmental aggressors, it’s my skin’s daily armor. After each use, I’m protected and nourished.

First Impression

82e Turmeric Shield Sunscreen

Could this sunscreen serum live up to my expectations? I couldn’t wait to find out. As soon as I smoothed Turmeric Shield onto my face, I noticed how quickly it absorbed without any stickiness. I braced myself for the unpleasant white cast I’m so used to with sunscreens. But miraculously, there was none! No white cast, no heavy feel, just soft, protected skin. I looked closer in the mirror, stunned to see my natural radiance shining through. And knowing its reef-safe and cruelty-free formulation felt like the cherry on top!

Long-Term Benefits

With consistent use in recent weeks, I’ve noticed subtle but impactful changes in my skin. Turmeric Shield isn’t a temporary fix. It nourishes skin over time. Red blotchiness from old acne scars has diminished. Dry, rough patches feel smoother. My skin soaks up the hydration and just seems … healthier. Those antioxidants and ceramides are clearly working some magic! I feel like I have the supple, glowing skin of my dreams. Take that, sun damage and hyperpigmentation!


It is available in two options : 15 ml for Rs.930 & 30 ml for Rs.1800

Lotus Splash: The Gentle Face Cleanser

82e Lotus Splash Cleanser

Diving into my cleansing routine with Lotus Splash face cleanser has been an incredible first impression. This cleanser has cream texture and helps to melts away impurities. It also flood the skin with sacred lotus and barrier-protecting citrus bioflavonoids. Just after one use, my face looks clearer and feels more balanced . The way it purifies without disrupting skin’s health feels like a skincare revelation. I can already tell each wash with this special Ayurvedic formula will leave my skin glowing with health from the inside out. Lotus Splash offers cleansing and nourishment in one step – now that’s luxury!

The Search for a Perfect Cleanser

Spurred by my sunscreen success, I started seeking out a nourishing cleanser of the same brand that could enhance my new skincare regimen. Many cleansers strip my delicate skin or trigger irritation, no matter how “gentle” they claim to be. Now I discovered Lotus Splash – a creamy, conditioning cleanser with antioxidants from lotus flower extract. It has inflammation-fighting bioflavonoids. Could this be the one?

Impression on First Use

82e Lotus Splash Cleanser

Luxuriously foamy yet oh so gentle…Lotus Splash cleanser felt different from that very first wash. It melted away makeup, oil, and gunk without any tight or dry feeling afterwards. My finicky skin didn’t react negatively at all! Just refreshed radiance and balanced moisture. Plus, knowing it maintains the skin’s ideal pH level made me confident using it daily without compromise. No more post-wash discomfort? I was hooked!

Key Ingredients

Lotus Splash cleanser also hides skincare secrets in plain sight. Sacred lotus extract from India’s lakes adds incredible antioxidant power while improving elasticity. My skin looks more youthful and feels ultra clean yet soft after each wash. And those unsung bioflavonoids from citrus fruit act like invisible bodyguards, counteracting pollution and UV damage before it shows up as dark spots.

Long-Term Effects

I’m seeing real changes in my skin tone and texture with consistent use. Those powerhouse lotus extracts are clearly working some magic just like the turmeric. Dark spots are fading thanks to increased collagen. Early fine lines seem softened. And bioflavonoids restore the moisture barrier disrupted by other harsh cleansers. My skin looks and feels healthier every day. I’ll take the glow!


It is available in two options: 100 ml bottle for Rs.1200 and mini (30ml) at Rs. 450

Why I Recommend 82°E

In a sea of skincare brands, 82°E stands out to me as more than just products – it’s a mindful beauty philosophy centered in caring as much for outer glow as inner wellbeing. Of course I was initially drawn in by the uniquely gentle, Ayurvedic-based formulas that appeal to my sensitive skin. Both Turmeric Shield and Lotus Splash prove effective formulas can cleanse, protect, and pamper skin without harsh ingredients. The blend of ancient herbal wisdom and modern skincare science delivers real results.

But what makes me wholeheartedly endorse 82°E is their bigger ethos of balance and care beyond the bottle. Their commitment to sustainability aligns with my lifestyle values around ethical consumption. The messaging feels inclusive, promoting self-love rather than idealized perfection. And little touches like plastic-neutral packaging make me feel good adding these products into my routine.

For me, 82°E encapsulates mindful beauty – skincare that celebrates nourishing skin and spirit. These products have elevated both my complexion and my self-care ritual. That’s why 82°E earns my glowing recommendation for their inside-out approach to glowing, happy skin powered by gentleness and wellbeing. It just feels like the right fit.

Final Thoughts

I’m so grateful I took a chance on Turmeric Shield sunscreen serum and Lotus Splash face cleanser. Complete game-changers for my sensitive, sun-damaged skin! The unique botanical ingredients not only fulfilled their basic functions amazingly but also delivered advanced skincare benefits I never expected. Now I don’t have to choose between protection, gentleness, and glowing skin. That delicate balance is rare to find! I can’t recommend 82°E’s nourishing formulas enough for their surface and inner transformation. This conscious Indian brand has won me over completely with just these two products. I look forward to trying more of their skincare range soon! My skin has never been happier. I hope you like my 82°E Skincare review. Stay tuned for more such articles.

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    “Your blog on the 82°E Turmeric Shield & Lotus Splash is a captivating journey to radiant skin! Your detailed experience paints a vivid picture, and it’s evident you put thought into each aspect. Your insights will undoubtedly help others seeking a skincare regimen. Thanks for sharing this enriching narrative!”

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    Your firsthand account of the 82°E Turmeric Shield and Lotus Splash showcases a captivating journey to radiant skin. Your vivid narrative and positive experience shed light on the efficacy of these skincare products. Well-articulated and informative!

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    I am honestly impressed with your review. Though I am not knowledgeable enough on this type of product, your review helps me to gift my friends and family.

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    I have heard literally so mixed reviews about this brand from big influencers and so was skeptical about it. But your detailed article cleared my thoughts about this brand and looks worth trying

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    Looks like a high quality product. However my primary motivation to buy this product is Deepika. Jokes apart. I am surely going to try it because it’s completely a natural formulation

  6. Sandy N Vyjay

    I was not aware of this brand, however, both products that you have reviewed seem to be of good quality and effective too. I especially like the Turmeric Shield, as it uses the goodness of Turmeric.

  7. Anjali Tripathi

    I have never come across these products earlier, thanks for sharing with us. glad to read how these products have become game-changers for your sensitive, sun-damaged skin. My skin is sensitive too, so I hope they work well for me too.

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